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Equator Crossing to The Resort

The Equator Crossing to the Resort would be one of the key highlights of your trip to our Island with your loved ones or friends, as guests get to view breath-taking aerial view of the Maldives expansive turquoise blue atolls riddle in the Indian Ocean. All guests to the Island via domestic flight will receive a personalised Equator Crossing Certificate from the Captain of the airplane. Just when you thought the fun and thrills was about to stop, hold on to your seats and be blown away by a short 10-minute exhilarating speed boat ride from Gan International Airport.

Facilities & Features

Dine: 2 Restaurant & Bar & 1 Bar | Sports & Wellness Dive Centre, Water Sports & Day Tours
Canareef Resort Maldives welcomes you with 271 spacious rooms for your honeymoon, friends or family. Each villa is refined by nature and designed for guests to enjoy the lush natural vegetation of the Island. Our villas consists of 80 Sunrise Villas, 71 Sunset Beach Villas and 120 Jacuzzi Villas from sizes of 76sqm – 97sqm.
Dolphin Cruise

Maldives is home to several species of dolphins, including Spinners, Bottle-Nosed dolphins and pilot whales, they can be seen gracing the waters near our island. One of the key highlights of our Island would be an experience like no other. Go in search of these wild yet extremely friendly dolphins around our Island while watching the sunset.Be amazed and watch them jump and perform for you while frolicking in the ocean. A definite must book tour as this is the most fun-filled and moving excursion you can experience in the Maldives, as it will create lasting memories for years to come.


Snorkelling is one of the most exciting and must do things in the Canareef Resort Maldives. Explore the colourful aqua marine landscapes around you. Enjoy what nature has to offer with marine life surrounding the lagoon, catch eels, black tip reef sharks and different species of fishes swimming along the lagoons coast.


Addu City Tour: Explore the islands of Addu City, starting with the islands of Maradhoo, which have modernized boat yards where local craftsmanship can be appreciated. The Island of Feydhoo is inhabited by the people living in the airport island of Gan. Maradhoo- Feydhoo is the smallest community in Addu, walk around the island to feel the laid back lifestyle and then visit Gan the former RAF base before returning back to the resort. Enjoy tour of Hithadhoo, the capital of Addu City. The island hosts one of the largest natural lakes in the country which is frequently by habitats as well as migrating birds

Hulhumeedhoo Island Tour: Hulhumeedhoo Village, our next door neighbour has one of the most modern pole and line tuna fishing boats in the country. A visit to the Taro farms is not to be missed. It is believed that the early inhabitants of Meedhoo Island were the first Maldivian to embrace Islam. You can also see some World War 2 relics near the beach area. The oldest cemetery in the country, Koagannu, is also located on this island. The island also produced some of the finest scholars that the country has had.

Available services and facilities:
  • Pool
  • Excursions
  • Water sports
  • Fishing
  • Land sports
  • Diving
  • Entertainment
  • Kids Club
  • Fitness centre
  • Spa
  • Gift shop

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