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An hour’s scenic plane ride away, Equator Village, located on the upper tip of Addu Atoll’s heart-shaped landmass comes in a package of unique beauty and intriguing history. An exotic adventure begins, the moment you start your journey to Equator Village. This is not your typical Maldivian resort; this is an equatorial escape into a land of culture and nature entwined together. The resort is vast in size, with a forestry of green, large shady trees looming overhead. This makes for incredible bird watching in the evenings and early mornings as trees are busy with the ‘Dhondheeni’ who call these their home. Tree lined pathways through courtyard gardens lead to the quaint and chic bungalows, in the midst of tropical blooms, each with comfortable white wicker seating in spacious verandas. Only a few feet away from the rooms are soft sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters that sparkle beyond the beaches. With the unique blend of beauty, rich history and endless possibilities for adventure, Equator Village is the ideal getaway for those who wish to experience a different side of the Maldives.

Facilities & Features

Dine: 1 Restaurant & Bar & 1 Bar | Sports & Wellness Dive Centre, Water Sports & Day Tours
The rooms are cozy, spacious, and designed to give you the most comfortable nights’ sleep. The resort offers 78 rooms, with two basic categories of rooms. Simple and comfortable standard rooms offering a cozy shack and the twin sharing room offering a living space fitted with all the amenities and a mini-bar, with the adjoining door leading to the bedroom. Each room type opens up to lush vegetation just outside, where guests can relax and read a book under the massive trees. The rooms are separated by thick green shrubs blooming with pretty flowers. During the day, guests are treated to their very own ‘nat-geo’ moment of the bumble bees and butterflies buzzing around the flowers. Apart from the slight buzzing and humming of these exquisite insects, the resort tends to be quiet throughout the day. The sound of waves (because of the beaches close proximity to the room) are something of a night jingle (but in a softer, more soothing tone).
Water or land, there’s always something different to do in Equator Village. Weekly DJ parties, live band as well as a full sized billiards table, fooze table, darts board and a tennis court, the list goes on.

The resort organizes trips for guests who wish to go out and about on their own. Cycling or by Bicycle, the three linked islands offer some of the most special, scenic views. Sunset by the mangroves and swamps are always a special moment as the last of the sun’s golden rays linger over the swampy waters, giving an illusion swamp filled with liquid gold. With lovely mangroves balancing the eco system, and exotic birds like white terns locally known as ‘dhondheeni’ found only in selective tropical lands such as this, dotting the fresh blue skies, Addu is without doubt exquisitely special. This is the last inhabited atoll for miles, and standing on the edge of the lush lands looking onto the vast Indian ocean where fisherman brave the seas, one can’t help but feel the swell of adventure rise in their hearts.


Snorkeling in the house reef is a wonderful way to see the pristine unbleached coral formations uniquely found in Addu. Spend a couple of hours exploring the vibrant corals and underwater life along the outer reefs of Equator Village and nearby lagoons. The Dive center at Equator Village – Diverland is always ready and raring to take both the novice and experienced on exciting underwater adventures


The resort provides culinary tours within the atoll, where guests could take cooking lessons provided by locals or even try local delicacies such as Addu Bondi – a favorite amongst tourists and locals, (a local fine delicacy made of sweetened coconut, palm sugar and rosewater), Naaroa Faloodha (a sweetmeat made with breadfruit and flavoured with jasmine).

Available services and facilities:
  • Pool
  • Poolbar
  • Excursions
  • Water sports
  • Land sports
  • Diving
  • Entertainment
  • Laundry
  • Room service
  • Conference room
  • Serena Spa
  • WiFi

3* Equator Village

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